Ideahouse offers communication design services for projects that benefit the community—that educate, inspire action, and bring awareness to our shared existence locally and globally.

Our client’s projects are often complex. Our design goal is to clarify, not oversimplify. Our work happens in the zone between the master’s thesis and the tweet. Framing the idea to find where it will be understood and appreciated is the outcome we pursue.

Communication design is the craft of developing a message. It may involve writing, graphic design and strategic planning. Ideahouse takes a systems approach to projects. Design at its best is collaborative, and Ideahouse approaches projects in that spirit.

In the age of adaptive reuse, originality more often derives from the creative use of available systems than in manufacturing new ones. Surfing a wave of ever-changing information avenues always begins with a clear message and a flexible strategy.

Using an approach evolved over decades of experience, Ideahouse projects include identity systems, collateral and publications, interpretative and environmental projects, and public and political campaigns. Here are some selected projects and their stories.